Japan’s Most Haunted Sites One Can Visit

Japan’s Most Haunted Sites One Can Visit

With such a scary culture and horror movie legacy, it should be no surprise for anyone to realize that Japan has MANY haunted sites that enthusiasts can visit. Many are incredibly scary and if you really want a thrill, any single one of those mentioned below should be visited.

SSS Curve

Not much is said about this Okinawa site because not much is known about it. The one thing almost all agree with is that the psychic energy present in the area is huge. According to different Japanese forums, many soldiers died in the area. Reports from visitors say that intense vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations and nausea were felt while there.

Field Hospital – Kanagawa Prefecture

In Kanagawa Prefecture there was the Sagami Depot military base. At the base there was a field hospital that was seldom used. Here reports of paranormal activity reign supreme. History records show that military police sent recruits at the field hospital for testing purposes. Now we see doors that are locked and open without any influence, windows are moving and disembodied whispers you will hear in abandoned rooms. Some even say they can see shadow figures. Both American and Japanese soldiers mentioned such sightings.

Camp Hansen – Okinawa

It is hard to find reports about the most haunted places in Japan without a mention of Camp Hansen. This is a US Marine Corps base found in Okinawa. You find the “Gate 3” area there, which is where so many soldiers reported paranormal activity. The most common report is that during weekends there was a soldier that approached the gate dressed in WWII clothes. He is supposedly covered in blood and has cigarettes hanging from the mouth. Then he asks for a light and disappears. That is definitely chilling and what is even more interesting is that the US soldiers closed the gate because of the hauntings. There are many Japanese guards that simply refuse being posted at Gate 3.

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Okiku’s Well

Shades of Samara from The Ring, this well is supposedly haunted by a girl that will shriek during the night. Everything is connected with Okiku, a girl that served a well-known samurai. Okiku did not accept the love of the samurai. Then, he blackmailed the girl into becoming lovers. Even then she refused and the samurai killed her by throwing her in the well. Then the reports started. It is locally said that the girl’s spirit became Onryo, which is a ghost that will haunt the death scene with vengeance in mind. If the night is clear, the spirit rises and chilling screams are heard.

Doryodo Ruins

These ruins are located in Hachioji, in the beautiful Otukayama Park of Tokyo. The ruins were a worship place until an 83 year old woman was killed there in 1963. A robber that looted the temple was responsible. After 10 years a student was found dead. Then a professor killed a little girl. As you can see, many different deaths appeared in the area. The most common report is that a young girl’s voice is heard from the local forest saying “I’m here”.

Toyama Park

Another Tokyo haunted site. We left it as the last one since it is where one of the most horrific mass burial grounds in Japan appeared after a war crime that is hard to talk about. There were doctors that developed biological and chemical weapons during WWII. Sinister experiments were done on Russian and Chinese war prisoners. As expected, most of them died. Experiments only became reality and were exposed in the year 1989 as some construction workers found the mutilated remains of hundreds of people.

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