Different Types Of Hauntings

Different Types Of Hauntings

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Contrary to popular belief, there are many different types of hauntings that can appear. Many think that there is only one type but that is just a misconception. While there are also others that can be mentioned, those that most often appear are the following.

Residual Haunting

Residual Haunting

This usually happens when a stressful/traumatic event happens like a rape or a murder. The negative energy will be blasted right into the air. This makes the atmosphere record what happened, playing the event all the time, over and over. Entities that are involved in the haunting activity do not know what happens and there is almost never an interaction with people living in the property.

You also have positive energy that can be blasted. This is why there are some ghost stories of people that hear party noises. However, this is a lot less common.

Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeist basically means noisy spirit. There are reports of such hauntings that date back to ancient times. We are referring to an activity that starts to move furniture and bangs are heard. Activity can become a lot more intense and voices can even appear. Sometimes there are even full apparitions that are noticed. TV shows and movies are basically based on such events and not on other haunting types since these are really scare.

The problem with poltergeist haunting is the fact that you cannot actually classify it since all events are different. There is usually a person that is more affected and activity rarely happen unless a particular person is going to be present. Activity tends to stop when the person leaves the home.

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The good news is that most events see the problems disappearing just as fast as they appear, without any real warning. Sometimes this takes years but there are also situations when the poltergeist manifestation will only take some days.

Demonic Haunting

Demonic Haunting

A demon is an entity that never had human form. Demons are described in three ways:

  • Angelic, beauty beings that manipulate individuals to do something bad.
  • Evil looking, horrific creatures that are really ugly. Many think that the demon will take this form in order to install fear.
  • Black smoke, fog, shadows or mist. Many of the demonic hauntings see occupants being followed by such apparitions.

Demonic hauntings are also going to bring in a smell of sulfuric acid or rotted flesh. Growl sounds can be heard and contact is made with people through scratching, hitting, shoving and pushing. Demons will be really strong. Some people are attacked and demonic hauntings are particularly dangerous. This is because the entities hate humans.

Intelligent Hauntings

Sometimes referred to as interactive hauntings, the intelligent hauntings are quite interesting in the sense that we refer to something that is connected to our energy/aura after we die. That is what we see as a ghost that is capable of interacting with people. In many cases the haunting appears as the ghost is tied to an individual or a site. The main reasons why that happens are:

  • Died because of an event that was traumatic
  • Spirit died suddenly and does not know he/she is dead
  • Spirit is connected emotionally to someone that is loved
  • Injustice was done and spirits cannot rest until it was solved
  • Unfinished business
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Shadow People Hauntings

Shadow People Hauntings

This is a haunting type that does not really have an explanation. We are not faced with ghosts. Peripheral vision usually sees the shadow people, entities that have no facial expression, nose or mouth. Not much is known about this and movement is possible, although it is usually strange. The shadow people are not understood by anyone.

Portal Haunting

This is an old concept that we often see in sci-fi movies. In our world, the portal haunting is controversial since everything is basically connected with theory and speculation. The portal is believed to be a doorway towards another dimension or world, which is used by an entity to travel. Such hauntings are suspected when there is activity like odd creatures, unexplained fog, strange shapes, balls of light or similar present.

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