Best Outdoor Meditation Places In Los Angeles, California

Best Outdoor Meditation Places In Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, is a city that stands out among those that love the outdoors. Just walk on the streets and you will notice that people have a healthy outlook and that is mainly because of the healing powers that nature has. Studies highlighted that 5 minutes daily spent in nature have a huge beneficial impact on mental health.

When it comes to meditation places, you will be happy to hear that there are many in Los Angeles. There are actually many that are outdoor meditation areas. Spending some time in them will help you feel energized and alive. You gain access to a different meditation type, one that is quite profound. Make sure that you will incorporate the outdoor meditation places that we highlight in Los Angeles. You will love them!

La Tuna Canyon Park

Self-Realization Fellowship

The entire environment here is perfect, a little heaven on earth. You can go towards tranquility right in the beautiful Pacific Palisades. You will love the butterflies, turtles, fish and swans in the area. Besides the beauty of the area, you will have access to lecture services, group meditations, personal counsel and much more.

Peace Awareness Labyrinth Gardens

This is a day retreat where you can go and relax while surrounded by nature, without having to leave Los Angeles. You will love this outdoor labyrinth, hand-carved in stone, because of the peace and quiet offered. You are recommended to participate in the Sacred Tones Workshop or simply meditate quietly in the special meditation garden area.

La Tuna Canyon Park

The La Tuna Canyon Park covers 1,255 acres of wonderful landscapes, right in the mountains between Malibu and Topanga. This is one location that is definitely under-visited and not well known among those that love to meditate. You will definitely enjoy the park as it offers a tremendous ocean view, one that you will not find in any other region of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Vedanta Temple

This temple is open every day for the public. The activities that you can enjoy here include meditation, vespers services, puja celebrations, classes, Sunday lectures, daily worship, seminars, retreats, Ramnams and workshops. The entire Vedanta Society is one that is quite interesting and there is a convent and a monastery that you can visit in Hollywood.

Solstice Canyon

You can find the canyon in the Malibu Santa Monica Mountains. You get to experience nature and you will surely also want to visit the Santa Monica Mountains Conservatory. There are so many interesting winding trails that you can be on and see sycamore trees, quiet beauty and grand alder. You can definitely become one with nature hear and get in touch with inner wisdom.

Meditating outside is definitely great as you have a more focused, clearer mindset. Los Angeles is a destination you will surely love. The meditation places you see above are obviously some that you have to consider. It is a guarantee you will love them all.

In the event you know other great meditation places in Los Angeles that we did not include and that you think should be among the list of the best, let us know in a comment.

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