Simple And Beautiful Homemade Christmas Gifts

Who says that you need to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts? You can always opt for homemade Christmas gifts. In fact, these are usually better because of the fact that they include an element that does not exist with the gifts that you buy from stores: passion. By simply offering something that you made, the sentimental value of the gift is higher. We already talked about different ways in which you can spend less on your Christmas vacation. Now we will try to present some homemade Christmas gifts that are both stunning and cheap.


Homemade Bath Salts

Based on the quantities mentioned below, you can create 3 homemade Christmas gifts and you just need a total of 35 minutes to get it done.


Basin bath salts
By Leigh Caldwell under CC BY 2.0


What do you need?

  • Small glass jars – one of 4 ounces costs around $3.5
  • Essential oils – you can buy them online or at health food stores
  • Salts – a 5 pound bag costs anywhere between 11 to 25 dollars – you can buy Epsom and Kosher salt from the supermarket
  • A measuring cup
  • 3 plastic bags – resealable – 1 gallon each
  • Watercolor paint and paper
  • Brush
  • A small funnel
  • Scissors
  • A ruller
  • Metallic cord
  • A metallic pen


How to make the homemade Christmas gift:

If you want to make a morning salt, try Himalayan salts that are scented with the use of petitgrain or neroli. If you want a noon salt, try Epsom salts in a combination with warming oils like rosemary. The best night salt that we love is the one using Kosher salt in a combination with powdered milk (one teaspoon) and chamomile oil.

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Put 5 ounces of salt into one resealable bag. Every single bag should have 8 to 12 essential oil drops added based on what you choose and how strong you want the salt to be. Shake the content to mix and pour your salt into the container with the use of a funnel. Dry funnel between salts in order to maintain a separate scent when creating different salts.

Paint one sheet of paper with a color that would reflect the day time when the salt should be used. Make sure that the paper is dry. You can cut labels and mark with the use of the metallic pen. Use metallic cord in order to tie the label to the bottle.

Alternatively, you can just buy the bath salt already made and put it into glass jars. Personalize as you may see fit.


A Snarky Chain Stitch Homemade Christmas Gift


bunny bread towel
By bokeh burger under CC BY-ND 2.0


This homemade Christmas gift will take a maximum of 2 hours to make.

What will you need?

  • An ornate picture frame – we recommend 3 by 5 inches for inexperienced embroiders
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Needlepoint fabric
  • Festive metallic thread
  • A needle
  • Fabric pen
  • A smart line like “I Do Not Sew”
  • A pair of scissors


How To Make The Homemade Christmas Gift

Put the frame on the fabric. Take your pen and trace round the frame’s side. Write the message that you came up with and do some extra decorative designs wherever you see fit. Put your fabric on the embroidery hoop and start embroidering so that the message is covered. Remove your hoop and then cut the fabric based on the tracing you did before. A chain stitch can be then put inside the frame.

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Alternatively, instead of a message, you can draw something nice and embroider over that drawing.