Adventure in the Borneo Jungle in Malaysia

Adventure in the Borneo Jungle in Malaysia

One of the most amazing destinations of Malaysia is the partial area covered by the Borneo jungle. This jungle is the oldest rainforest in the entire world. Everything you see and experience has been there in its place for centuries. Inside the rainforest, there exists the Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak Borneo. A flight of small jet is organized by the Gunung Mulu National Park’s authorities to allow people to get access and easy transport to the park. After reaching the National Park, one truly feels the natural tropical environment of the Borneo jungle.   Inside the Gunung Mulu National Park, there are many exciting activities which one can engage in. One of the biggest attractions is the Pinnacles, a stone forest jutting which is forty five meters long. The structure of these pinnacles itself is enough to mesmerize a person; however one can always take an adventurous trip to climb the gigantic pinnacles. This facility is available by booking a trekking trip from main reception area of the Gunung National Park. The trekking trip is intense and will require your hundred percent!   You are required to carry your own resources which include food, water, tent, etc. All of these resources should be enough for you to last for at least 3 days. All essential items should be packed including medicines. A cost friendly advice would be to book a trekking trip in a group of people as it will be cheaper to afford accommodation and transportation. Plus, even if you are not travelling with a group of people, you are likely to find many more individual travelers just like you whom you can make friends with, further leading to travelling in groups to divide the overall expense.

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After taking a 2 hour boat ride to the starting point of the trek, an individual is required to start his trek from that location onwards. The starting point is at the very bottom of the pinnacles. The boat will pick you up from the same point after you finish your trek. It is important to instruct the driver of the boat regarding the time at which you will finish your trek.   Now begins an exhilarating 8.8 km jungle trekking experience which one can never forget after experiencing it. The entire adventurous feel and atmosphere of the Borneo Jungle will be felt during the long trek.   The very first part of the journey will require you to cross a beautiful river. After crossing that river you will need to check if you have any leeches on you. Leeches are quite small, so make sure to do a thorough body check after you cross the river. First break point will be at Camp 5 station in which you will find bathroom and sleeping facilities along with a small kitchen to aid you with the cooking process of the items which you have brought along.   Next day the trek continues. Each group of trekkers is always accompanied by a tour guide, who is supposed to guide trekkers with directions and natural information about the surroundings.   The entire trek is not associated with a long mountain as pinnacles are not very high. However, trekking itself is very hard. The entire infrastructure of the mountain is hard to climb. At times one is required to climb ladders, walk through thin bridges and what not. Every step of the trek will get your Adrenaline level rise to the maximum level.   Each and every view of the Pinnacles will leave you in utter silence of amazement. The large pointing top of the pinnacles, the shiny stone structure and not to mention the soothing aroma from the tropical forest will make you feel like you are in another world.

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After reaching the very top, one is automatically addicted to the view of the entire jungle. One can never be too satisfied with breath taking views. However, since one is required to start one’s journey to reach the starting point, there isn’t much time. Also, the return journey is in fact more difficult as one is required to maintain good balance when taking each and every single step.   Additionally, there are a lot of other activities in the Gunung Mulu Park which includes rock climbing, cave visits and many more adventurous activities.

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