About Us


I am very excited because you just found out my personal blog. When I am saying personal it sounds like I am going to write only about something that matters to me or even something I am specialized in. Guess what, this website is not only for my opinions and knowledge. It is always open if you want to share any ideas with me and my readers.

Actually, I am graduated student from University Of National And World Economy in Sofia (Bulgaria) with major in Marketing. I currently live in Plovdiv where I am also working in the field of online marketing. Since I gain experience in the area of SEO, Blog management and Web hosting I decided to share knowledge online.

I am inspired by the latest technologies and I am going to offer you very interesting information about them. I also went three summers in a roll to the USA on this Work & Travel program so I am planning to tell you about the different places I have been.

The main benefit of reading this blog is that you get tips from me or from other experienced people. If you think you are somebody with any experience in any area make sure you contact me and I will let you know how you can publish your ideas.