2013 Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Think of the Halloween and Halloween is here. The ideas on what to dress in Halloween always creep in this time of the year. In today’s time, the trick or treat celebration for the children have been extended to the adults, specifically speaking women.  Women who love to dance, party and celebrations, Halloween seems to be the perfect occasion to enjoy at the fullest.


Women Halloween Costumes Ideas

There are really no boundaries on the type of the costumes women tend to choose for the Halloween. Vampires, witches, she-devils costumes are already popular. However, the concept remains the same but it is designed with a different twist making it look sexier, flirty and bolder.


Sexy Pirate Halloween Costume

Almost everybody adores pirates; especially women look very sexy in the pirate costume. All you have to do is get a sexy red bustier and wear it with the large belt. Attach a plunger upside down and put a red bandana on your head with a black eye patch and you are all set to rock the party.


Cat Costume For Women

Love wearing black? In this cat costume you are surely turning heads in the Halloween party. The costume accessories are at minimal. Put on the tight leather shiny material pants along with the tight full sleeve shirt. For the makeup use black eyeliners and other darker shades to highlight your cheekbones, if possible put black or similar shade lipstick and nail paint.


Pinata Costume

The dress is supposed to be short and designed with the layers of streamers make it a Pinata costume. To make it look funky you can add a trendy hair band and accompany it with bright colored high heels.

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Black Swan Costume

It will be very graceful costume, showing your curve while wearing this black swan Halloween outfit. You will need a short black dress attached with the black wings to your arms to get that birdie look. To add more accessories, you can wear a small silver head crown and glittering earrings that will give your Halloween costume an extra vigor.


Epic Avatar Costume

You very well remember those blue bodied people in the “Avatar” movie. You can pick that girlie character from it and dress up like an epic Avatar woman. You need to paint your entire body in blue and wear those primitive styled bikinis to get that edgier look.


Low Resolution Halloween Costume

You know how low resolution images look like? It is as simple as that. Since the costume should be in check pattern, you need to smartly choose one for yourself. Moreover, it requires careful makeup, as it should be matched with your costume. Do your makeup in check pattern mixing the lighter and darker shades around your eyes, and lips.


The above mentioned are the latest Halloween costume ideas for 2013. Wearing these contemporary costumes you are certain to be the head turners in the Halloween party. Ensure that you are converse of the night and make sure that the party on no account be forgotten.

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